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Buy a Piece of History

Imagine drinking from a cup made before the typewriter was invented!

Morning tea, or coffee, just got a lot more interesting. And - considering age - the condition of the collection is incredible.

teapot.jpeg This handsome teapot was around in 1819 when Raffles landed in Singapore Shaped oval on conforming stand, decorated with flowerheads, stiff leaves and gilt borders. Old BADA sticker to base. Early-mid 19th century.

Current bid: $160

More info here

Two similar tea cups and saucer.jpeg

In 1813 Jane Austin published Pride & Prejudice: Mr Darcy would have drunk from cups much like these This lot comes with two similar tea cups and saucer...

Indian Art Edit

Our current Fine Art auction - which closes on Sunday from 6pm - is eclectic and diverse. We have everything from masterpieces to unknown arists (read our previous blog post here that walks you through the whole catalogue).

The groupings of various art and artists are a helpful way to navigate your way through the sale. We have a particularly good selection of art by Indian artists. Here's our round up of it, with lot numbers for easy browsing.

All Indian Art can be found at Lots 57-74 (excluding lots 67 & 69). The Raza and the three works by Souza, are of particular note but we also have be...

Hotlotz Items - Reimagined

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise where a piece that you buy at auction will fit in your home. Not for Mel and his wife Harriet, who live in a stunning townhouse amidst a delicious jumble of antiques juxtaposed with modern pieces and...pieces bought at auction right here in Singapore, from yours truly no less.

Follow us on a whistle-stop tour, to see how artistic and talented Mel spots pieces at auction, what's his knack, what pieces catch his eye. See them re-imagined inside the 'living gallery' they call home, working hard and living their best (second) life possible.

"Why does a table ...

Art for All

instagram format (4).png In our quarterly Fine Art sale - the catalogue is out now - we really do have something for everyone. Whilst this auction may be lead by the recognised masters Le Pho, Raza, Souza and Chen Wen Hsi, (and we don't use the word 'masters' lightly - we mean it!) all with excellent provenance:


(Highly-collectable, this Chen Wen Hsi painting of gibbons came stright out of the private collection of David Marshall, Singapore's First Chief Minister; the Le Pho, below, still has the original Paris gallery's exhibition sticker to its reverse, where it was bought from.)

instagram format (3).png also showcases an array of...

Kick Start your Gallery Wall

A gallery wall (or salon wall) is loosely defined as a collection of artwork, usually framed, and hung in a grouping. We're big fans and have embraced the 'more is more' aesthetic with gusto. Whilst personal treasures or photographs work too of course, nothing holds the gaze more than a delicious jumble of oils, frames, styles and colours. The tricky part is finding the right pieces.

Well, the good news is that we've done the hard work for you, and have a veritable rogue's gallery already assembled for anyone who wants to kick start their very own a gallery wall - without the sourcing nightma...

A Timely Investment: Watches

The pandemic may have caused havoc, but watches and jewellery are still clocking demand [I hereby PROMISE to resist the urge to fill this blog post with any more awful puns]. It is interesting though, as with people spending more time at home, buying patterns have changed - and demand for rare and vintage timepieces has actually increased. Afterall, time is the most valuable of all assets, having something beautiful to measure it by now carries more significance than ever.

Vash Con.jpeg

People have always been interested in watches, that much is true, but learning about watches - about what makes a good w...

New Rules for Viewings

We are delighted to annouce that we ARE still open for viewings, and can permit a maximum of two people per group. To view in-person, from our Jewellery & Watches catalogue (closing Sunday 30 May) please make an appointment by calling the saleroom on: (+65) 6254 7616.

Hotlotz photography is excellent and where possible, items are shot in context. For instance, this 38-carat Colombian emerald ring, one of the lead lots in our Jewellery & Watches auction, is photographed from multiple angles, as well as shown on a model. The contextual shots are usually later, so scroll through!

Additional phot...

Top 5 Bidding Tips

come on!.jpeg


This is a timed online auction closing from 6pm SUNDAY. You can follow all the excitement of the bidding live at


Lots close, in order, every minute. Individual countdowns are also displayed on each lot’s bidding page  (Lot 1 closes at 6pm, Lot 30 closes at 6.30pm, etc)


If any bid is placed in the final 5 minutes before a lot closes, the bidding period will be automatically extended by a further 5 minutes. This continues until a full 5 minutes has elapsed without another bid being placed


 If you don’t want to watch the sale close live, you can leave yo...