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Home & Decor (July) ~ Top 5

Last Sunday's sale was an interesting one to watch and several lots had a flurry of bids. Here's the scoop on the stats:



A CEYLONESE SATINWOOD AND EBONY CABINET - In two sections with a carved and pierced apron, on bracket feet, with ebony mouldings and decoration, with keys

Estimate: $3,000

Hammer price: $5,500

Jade club.jpeg


A MAORI NEPHRITE JADE CLUB - Of typical form with leather cord. 27cm long

Estimate: $150

Hammer Price: $850

8 bamboo chairs.jpeg


A SET OF EIGHT CHINESE FAUX BAMBOO DINING CHAIRS -Compromising two carvers and six dining chairs, with white uphols...

Asian Ceramics - and why you need them in your life

Ceramics, except the greats, generally tend to be rather under-appreciated; overlooked in favour of paintings. Perhaps it's their fragility; perhaps it's because they always seem to look best in a pair (or more). Well, our Single-Owner Collection of Chinese Ceramics makes them both accessible and affordable: everything in the catalogue is being sold with - drum roll please - no reserve. This means that if no one else places a bid, you win it for the opening price of $40!

Let your decorating skills run riot. Here are some of our favourite pins for some serious ceramic inspo:

instagram format (10).png

PS: Stand out fro...

Hotlotz Items - Reimagined

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise where a piece that you buy at auction will fit in your home. Not for Mel and his wife Harriet, who live in a stunning townhouse amidst a delicious jumble of antiques juxtaposed with modern pieces and...pieces bought at auction right here in Singapore, from yours truly no less.

Follow us on a whistle-stop tour, to see how artistic and talented Mel spots pieces at auction, what's his knack, what pieces catch his eye. See them re-imagined inside the 'living gallery' they call home, working hard and living their best (second) life possible.

"Why does a table ...

What Have You Renovated and Restored Recently?

We love hearing back from happy customers! In our record-breaking last Home & Decor auction earlier this month, (read about it here) we sold, among other things, the contents of a Peranakan shophouse, untouched since the 1920s.

These Chinese cleavers came out of it and were snapped up for a very reasonable sum in their rather charming, rusty state:

eb79182d-77f9-4162-86df-5d12f4c0021f 2.jpg

Two weeks later, they have been transformed:


What have YOU recently restored or renovated? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at and star in one of our weekly blog posts.

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