All proceeds to the 
Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response

Do you ever think ...
'I wish there was something I could do?'
Hotlotz will host a special timed auction on Sunday 27 March, from 6pm onwards. All proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response.
The auction catalogue will be released on Tuesday 22 March at 6pm.
Unfortunately, we can’t tell you about the lots yet because we don’t know what they are. So, this is an appeal to you, our clients and friends. Because if you also wish that you could do something, now’s your chance.

Donate something, and Hotlotz will auction it 
Maybe you’re an avid collector and you can spare something you’ve treasured? Or you’re a fashionista with a handbag or a watch that you might not even use? Perhaps you work in a business that can donate a product or service?

Or do you have a famous friend who you can persuade to buy lunch for a winning bidder? Perhaps you own a bar or a restaurant or a holiday home, and you can offer a meal or a trip away?
Or maybe you know someone who falls into one of these categories, and you can forward them this email, with a gentle nudge from us?
And if none of this applies, then maybe you can check out the auction catalogue when it’s released and throw down a few bids. Just because you can.

They need your help 
Please email me, Matthew Elton, at matthew@hotlotz.com, with details of your donation. We will close this consignment call on Friday 18 March at 6pm.

Together, we can make a difference, however small. Thank you.


'The humanitarian needs are massive and the operations are complex, with the ongoing conflict and crisis hurting many innocent civilians. 

We are thankful for the solidarity and support from the donor community, and are heartened by the efforts of Hotlotz, thesaleroom.com, Lion Brewery Co and Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse in raising funds for relief efforts'.


Deadline for consignment: Friday 18 March at 6pm
Timed Auction: Tuesday 22 - Sunday 27 March, bidding will close from 6pm onwards
No buyers premium will apply
100% of all bidding will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response, except for GST and applicable credit card fees
We stand firmly in support of peace everywhere. The Red Cross is a leading humanitarian organisation with extensive operations in Ukraine. This appeal is guided by their fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, and neutrality. For more information click here.
Donations to Red Cross overseas efforts are not tax-deductible.
This appeal was devised by Lion Brewery Co and Thirty Six Brewlab & Smokehouse. Auction services are provided by Hotlotz and our international partner thesaleroom.com. We hope it can be supported by you.